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Tall Mom Jeans review .

One of my friends saw me wearing these jeans and said I have never seen you in jeans before. 

……errrrm but I am constantly in skinny jeans ! Are guys really that unbothered about what women wear???

It eventually dawned on me that what he meant that he has never seen me in true demin jeans ( mom jeans) before .   It is often the case that we mistake the blend of demin, cotton and elastane in the form of high waisted skinny jeans to be true cotton demin. 

My friend was so right.  This is probably my first true demin in a very very long while. 

I kinda like it! 

I have envied my sister’s rocking their ‘mom jeans’.🙉 It been on my ‘to buy’ list for ages too.  The problem has always been finding one that would fit right.

The stretch in regular jeans have been a God send for me. Hence finding jeans without stretch that fit my waist, hip and height has been the cross I have had to carry till I bought these. 

I am wearing a 36w/36l. It’s a little roomy on  the waist but for the most part they fit well. 

When I see myself in these jeans, I totally see my mum back in the 80’s/ 90’s. Now I get why these are called Mom Jeans. 

I really love the stirrup hem on theses. It really take me back. Not to mention it adds character and authenticity to the jeans.

I do wonder how these jeans will keep up. I worry that the denim will soften after a few wears and become too baggy ( since there is no stretch). What are your experiences with mom jeans ? 

I guess only time will tell. For the moment am loving them and can’t wait to wear it with white trainers .

Outfit details- 

Grey cropped sweat top – Zara.

Mid wash blue mom jeans with Stirrup hem- Asos.

Red shoes – Marks and Spencer 

Hope you like ?

Thanks for stopping by. 

See you soon .  


Travel diaries -Blue Bardot dress

It’s so frustrating when dresses that are supposed to be knee length come up so short that you dare not wear it without tights or leggings. 

This is even more annoying when the dress is labelled as ‘Tall’…. why wasn’t some additional length added? 

I spotted this dress and was drawn to the cut-out detail and embroidery. The  bardot style was a added bonus and total trending.  

I didn’t feel exposed by this length and accessorized with gold accessories. 

I absolutely love the scolloped edges on this dress.. so pretty. 

Let me know about dresses experiences. 

TALL Cutout Bardot Dress- Topsham

Black sandals- Hobbs

Sunglasses – Matthew Williamson

Gold chain bag – Micheal Kors

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Travel diaries -Wide leg trousers.

I have always been a fan of wide leg / Palazzo trousers. I tend to travel with at least one pair on each of my holidays.  

This cut of trousers are very flattering for us hippy, voluptuous, curvy, plus size women. Don’t ask me why but it’s something to do with the proportions and the visual illusion created with the trouser leg going straight down from the waist to the hem. 

Anyway, I really wanted to share my secret find. Buying good fitting clothing is no easy feat. When Friends and family members tell me that a shop has long length trousers, I usually do not listen. Whats long for an average height woman, may not cut it for a tall sister. 

I vaguely remember someone saying that Zara trousers are long in length.  They were on sale and had my size so I added three pairs of trousers to my basket and checked out. 

Pleasantly suprised with the fit and length would b an understatement. One pair was actyally sweeping the floor. A luxury tall ladies rarely have.

So if your ever shopping for wide leg or palazzo trousers, I would say give Zara a try. 

Do let me know what your experiences are with Zara trousers. 
Thanks for stopping by and see you soon. 

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Kimono – Zara

White vest – Zara

Red wide leg trousers -Zara

Flat pointed Ghille shoes – Zara.


Athleisure 101 – Muted Colours

I have never featured so much grey on my blog or instagram  (@ijaykheavens ) until now . You may have noticed that throughout the Athleisure series I have stuck to muted/neutral colours such as blacks, greys and navy. This gives great flexibility when mixing styles .

From time to time I have inserted pops of colour through my lipstick 💄, trainers etc.

Here am wearing a colourblock sweatshirt.
These are huge this season and would go perfectly with a pair of jeans or a skirt.




Hope you have found these series useful.  Have fun with this trend as it’s here to stay.

Sweatshirt- Topshop Tall


Navy Joggers – New look Tall

Trainers- Nike
Sunglasses- Ray-bans

See you soon.
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Athleisure 101- Hello slim fit joggers

Jeans are so over rated and am always thankful when I find an alternative. My jeans are having a well deserved rest as I am having so much fun with my Athleisure wear.

Who would have thought it …

joggers and heels


I absolutely love the fit, feel and fab look of these brushed joggers from Topshop. By far the best Tall joggers on the high street at the moment.
So so comfortable, I just can’t get over it.



The fact that you can dress your joggers up or down makes it the perfect versatile peice. If your like me and like to get your monies worth from each item of clothing you buy, this could be a good one.🙊



Sunglasses- Grey Ants
Lipstick – Mac Ruby woo
Black vest – Primark
Leather Jacket – Topshop Tall
Brushed Grey Joggers – Topshop Tall
Strappy peep top heels – Next
Handbag – Zara
Scarf – Zara

See you real soon.

Athleisure 101 – Be on trend!

Guys there are trends and there are teends.This is a trend that I can assure you is not going anywhere anytime soon… so the sooner you jump on board… the better #teamathleisure.

Ladies keep your Athleisure game in fleek.

At the moment mesh panel are on fire. This are perfect for adding a little sexiness, yet it help with ventilation when your doing all that working out, walking or lunching.


I would say move away from the spandex legging but YAASSSSS to great prints and patterned leggings.


Bomber Jacket are quickly becoming everyone’s must have. They are great for these “quick throw something one moment”.
Equally the can can be dresses up for luxe sports looks.



Bomber Jacket – Topshop Tall
Leggings – New Look Tall
Hooded top -Primark
Trainers – Nike

See you soon.
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Athleisure 101 – Why you need a maxi coat

As we continue with this ultimate Comfortable yet Fashionable trend.
Am hearing you say …Well how do I pull off wearing my yoga cropped top out to work or to lunch. Well… I can almost assure you that your local restaurant may not turn away given the austere times.

It probably would not be totally appropriate to wear a bralet to a corporate job either.
BUT… this is were that Haute maxi coat comes in handy.

This is fashions greatest cover up and of course it’s keeps the chill away.



The world need not know that your donning an ASOS lounge wear!.  You keep it wrapped up, fashionable yet totally un-bothered.








Over-sized Lapel Maxi coat – All things tall and plus (coming soon)

Lounge jumpsuit- ASOS


Keep mixing leisure and sports wear.

Until the next post ✌ &❤



Trainers-  Net-a -porter

Bag – Primark


Athleisure 101- Ultimate Comfy Chic

Hi Lovelies,

So you have probably heard the buzz word “Athleisure”.  Well, if you have not, your in the right place; and if you have, your still in the right place.

Over the next few days I will be breaking down this fashion trend with tips on how to style it.  
Agreed! This look is not for everyone. However, if you have ever wondered how to pull this look off, I will be sharing tips to achieving this great WORK, to LUNCH, to GYM , TO HIM Look.

The trick is to not over think things. Feel free to team your sports wear with smart casual peices as I have done here.


Suprise suprise it works. In all honestly this did seem a little strange at first, but I did not feel out of place. Most importantly I was warm and Comfortable.

My only challenge with this whole Athleisure thing is that Tall sports wear is extremely limited. There was probably about 4 retailers in the UK with a tall sports wear range.
I was able to bag this great top and bottom fem Newlook for under £20.


I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit from a light workout to catch up coffee.
What’s your take on Athleisure? I do not see this trend dying out as sports and fits is rapidly becoming part and parcel of everyday life.

Sports vest – New Look Tall

Sports leggings – New Look Tall

Trainers- Nike

Scarf – Zara

Coat – Zara

Bag – Primark

Ok .. see you soon for more Athleisure tips.
Until then✌&❤


Dearest Topshop… Thank YOU !!

Dear Topshop,

I just want to say

Thank you.

Thank you for still having a tall section in a majority of your stores. To often have I seen the tall section shunted to the tiny corner (usually at the very back of the store), you will be lucky if you find a rack of tall clothing in the stores who have a tall range. In many cases its totally non existent…. zero… zilch…nadah…diddly-squat.
  As if we tall ladies do not matter or exist.
“Am so sorry you can only shop the range online now”.
“The full collection is only online”

We only exist in cyber space !


No it’s not the largest collection nor the most trendy but my god is it refreshing to see.

Ok…. rant over
Bye 😚😚
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