Summer shorts

Y’all know that I am not a huge fan of showing off my legs.  That said,we make exceptions while catching rays in sunny locations. I bought these denim shorts and they made me fall in love my legs all over again. 

I am now of the veiw that every girl should own at least one pair of Denim shorts. They are great for the beach, to parties and Not to mention totally wearable on those hot summer days.

They are the perfect stretch, high waisted and a cool shade of blue.

I added a longline kimono to this outfit for that swirly carefree blowing in the wind look. I just love it. 

Shop these short at Dorothy perkins Tall

Kimono- Boohoo 

White body suit- Newlook

Trainers – Vans 

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Wearing Skirts with trainers 

I bet you never thought these two world would every collide. Practical meets feminine, it was bound to happen.  

This look is perfect for all my city crawlers. The UK weather is just so unpredictable. Too many times have I been caught in the rain in sandals. I know may of you can relate to being fooled by the foreast.

White trainers add a chic finish to this look. With tennis and Wimbledon still in the air they are perfect for all my centre court gamer.

Peach cropped top- Asos 

Obi belt -Asos 

Pleated midi colour block skirt – Asos 

White trainers – Jack Wills

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Why you all need a Harem jumpsuit this summer.

All year we have seen comfy fashions dominating. We all want to look and feel great with as little effort as possible.

This Mc hammer 90’s trend offers just that.  Can’t explain just how comfortable and breathable this outfit was in the 30 degrees heat.

You are in luck because this Harem jumpsuit is not only on sale,but it’s available in tall and regular fits .

I can see this going from a day to night look with a quick shoe change.

Let me know what you think of this quirky outfit.  Thumbs up or not.

This is probably my first EVER a harem  pants.  I can totally see myself buying more.



Blue patchwork print harem jumpsuit -Newlook

Black mules – Next

Cross body bag -Zara.

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Varied stripe –  Becky Striped maxi shirt dress

This maxi dress turned midi on my six foot tall frame. I am not mad because I loved it so much that I managed to rock it regardless. 

The varied thickness of the stripes adds so much depth to the pattern.

With a wrap front and thigh high splits at the side, you can guarantee that you will be showing some legs.


I added my own red bed belt and shoe boots. 😍
Dress- Boohoo.
Belt – Marks and spencer 

Shoe boots – Next .
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How to get a hotel upgrade!

If you have been following my blog you will know that I recently got back from a very lovely holiday.  I really did my best to take everyone with me on this trip by uploading lots of pictures and keeping you all updated on my movements.  Sharing is caring and you can thank me later.😋😋😋

If you missed this you can still catch up by looking through my travel diaries category.

So, we all know that I love a bargain ( better yet, some freeness).I am always on the look out for ways to get the most out of my money.  We had booked to stay at what I thought was an already beautiful hotel.  According to a 5* hotel. On arrival it was great but we randomly got offered an upgrade to a newer, more luxury resort hotel which belonged to the same hotel chain.

Interestingly, we had considered this luxury resort hotel while booking but did not want to pay the price🙈.  With the offer of a free shuttle to the new hotel, we accepted !

On arrival to out new hotel, I was gobsmacked at the views and still could not believe the free upgrade.  We were offer champers on arrival at the reception… the life.  I do not want to go off track so a Full reviews of this luxury hotel is to follow. Please stay tuned.

After a few nights of trying to understand why the free upgrade, IT HIT ME.  I literally had a secret escapes moment.  ” Even the most luxurious hotels out there don’t like having empty rooms…”  I noticed that the hotel was probably not as full as it could have been.

We booked the holiday for the first week in June.  This is probably not the busiest time of the year for hotels.  It’s not quite summer holidays and schools are still in session.

So I  guess that is how to  get a hotel upgrade.

  1. Book your stay at off peak times when it is not busy.  You stand a better chance in getting a room upgrade if the hotel is not busy and the rooms are vacant anyway.
  2. If you do not ask, you may not get.  In this instance we did not need to ask and it was simply offered because we had great smiles( lol).  But the Asking principle has worked wonders for me in the past.  Especially with airlines.
  3. This is most likely to work with hotels with chains. The idea is that they upgrade you to a hotel within their chain with better rooms, a better location or just more luxury… yes we like luxury .  Alternatively, you can also try this with room upgrades.
  4. Finally, having a great time on holiday is best upgrade anyone can ask for.  Make sure you enjoy your vacations.  Whether you get a hotel upgrade or not.

The idea of luxury hotel not wanting to have empty rooms is one which Secret excape uses to get you and I luxury hotels for a cheaper price. Therefore this was not a fluke or luck. IT WORKS.

Disclaimer -results with the above can’t be guaranteed as each hotel has its own policies.   These are only my suggestions 

    Ps- Do not forget to come back and let me know how you get on.  Or if you have any other tricks up your sleeves on how to get hotel upgrades please share.

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