Summer Sweater- Fashionably comfortable

Is it too warm to wear a sweater in the summer … Well in my eyes, comfort is always in season.

I am feeling comfortably fashionable in this ensemble. If you live in the UK you will understand why it is good to stay loyal to warm wears. Yes, even in the summer months.

I love the cut out shoulder detail on this sweater. As I always say, “A little shoulder sexy-ness never hurt no body”.  Instantly this sweater does not look so chunky , although its a pretty thick yarn. The oversize cut makes this a perfect piece for relaxing in as it hangs looses on the body.


Would it be wrong for me to just live in these jersey trousers.?

They are so comfortable. What I love most is that they are in this Oak Buff/ Camel colour that is hot for Fall 2015. Ladies  I know we complain about trousers not being long enough but these trousers really shut me up. The viscose fabric dropped so much that this trousers would have been sweeping the streets had I not rolled them at the waist.


I completed this look with a simple neck piece . For the effortless fashionable finish.


I had totally forgotten about my Birks till I visited my physiotherapist who pointed out that I was getting flat foot. Now am on a quest to take better care of my feet. I am no podiatrist but I have read that the raised arch of Birks helps support the foot’s natural shape and structure.

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Sweater – Asos Tall,1631&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Rust&totalstyles=24&gridsize=3

Jersey Trousers – Asos Tall,4033&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Camel&totalstyles=64&gridsize=3

Necklace – Marks and Spencer

Sandals- Birkenstock

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Summer black

How do you wear black in summer ?
While some of you are going crazy over orange being the new black, for black has always been the new black and the only black… sorry to burst your bubble.  It almost seems strange to choose a black number on a hot summer day but guess what …sometimes you want to defy the normals.


Yes black is rather solid for summer “they say”… thats until you add some accessories and texture to break it up and prove them wrong


So from the head … a bob or cropped hair style means you need not worry about your hair getting in the way.

Keep your dressing simple and chic. This off the shoulder boat neck leotard is great for a Lil shoulder sexynessssss. … A must have for the summer plus it totally softens this look..

High waisted jeans go a long way in giving an instant and painless tummy tuck.


My tassle bag adds some much needed texture to this outfit.   Suddenly this all black ensemble has movement. Great for my festival fanatics.n


Finally  some killer heels. I have all the height I could ever require but the battle to be content continues.
I opted for cut out Sandals as no one likes sweaty feet in the summer. No doubt we stay on trend as caged shoes are a wardrobe essential this season.


Would you be seen in all black in summer.?  How do you make “all black” less grungy and more gorgeous.


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Boat neck leotard top – Newlook.
High waisted skinny jeans – Asos Tall
Caged shoes – Nine west
Hand bag – Zara

Necklace- Zara

What to wear Dubai

This holiday was probably my most planned for because of all the stories I had heard about dress code in Dubai, the modesty police and the need to be mindful of ones dressing.

I read several posts and blogs to get ideas and guidance. They were great but what non of the posts told me was that I was going to get stares regardless of whether I was butt naked or dressed in a fur jacket in the desert heat; simply because of my height.

Anyway, I decided not to take anything too short. By that I mean nothing above half my thigh length…(hope that’s makes sense💭💭).
As a tally things always look short on my long legs so I figured this would be a safe bet. I soon found that people wore short shorts in the tourist areas and in the malls but I guess you can get away with more at 5ft something.


Can I warn you now. Dubai is extremely hot. I found that loose clothing were better.  Hence why my wide leg palazzo outfit was great.  You are probably wondering how I could wear sleeves in the Dubai heat but because the weather is so hot and the sun is pretty intense I found that I needed to keep my skin covered to protect my skin from the intense sun.  My duster coat was very handy for keeping me warm in malls because the air con were on FULL blast.

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Shoes glorious shoes.
A must have while in Dubai are a pair of rubber flip flops. These are vital for walking around on the beach because the sun is scorching hot. Also I found that while visiting the sand dunes these would have been sooo handy. The sand just goes everywhere.

Advance warning… if you decide to use the metro to got to the Dubai mall,it about a 15 -20 minutes walk from the train platform to the mall. Also once you get to the mall there are no benches or seats around unless you go to the food court.
The mall is HUGE so there is a lot of walking around so make sure you have comfortable shoes.


Above you can see my outfit to the mall. As you can see I had to pin the neckline of this dress to reduce the plunge but I managed to get away with the cheeky slit.

Nightlife dressing
Dubai nightlife reminds me so much of the ‘western world’. They have great bars and clubs so you will be sure to find a place that is to your liking. The music is varied and the people in Dubai sure know how to ‘turn up’. I got the impression that people work hard during the week so they totally relax and rock out on the weekend.
You can wear whatever you would wear to a night club or bar in the UK  to a bar or nightclub in Dubai.
In my view the modesty dress code was totally out of the window.


On the beach…
Bikini’s and swimwear are allowed on the beach.  I even saw a few smoking hot topless men roaming around.😍.
However, you are advised to keep all beach wear on the beach.  Ofcourse if your hotel has a swimming pool you can wear your swim wear at the pool side etc.

Finally… the views above are mine and are based on my experience. You do not have to agree with it all or any of it for that matter. Like most things in life there is no hard and fast rule.  There will be people who break the rules and norms and those who meticulously abide to them. You have to find your balance and enjoy your holiday.
Stay tuned for my next insert on money in Dubai.  Having a great and fabulous time on a budget or without raiding your bank account.

Stay tuned for my next insert on how to visit Dubai on a budget. Trust me you will be amazed .!

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Co-ordinate your wardrobe with “co-ords’

Have you ever put an outfit together and thought you were too matchy…. too coordinated. That perfect green dress paired with the green shoes and of course a green handbag topped with green accessories and you have created a monster outfit.🐉:D:D.

Well not anymore. This is the time to put your co-ordination skills to the test by giving the matching sets trend a go.
I think I pulled it off pretty well. Will be great to see you comments below👍.


Yes… in case you were wondering this is a set. A peplum top teamed with the matching pencil skirt.

I have to give credit where credit is due. This peplum top is cut to perfection and it fits almost pefectly on my tall build. Believe me I know a thing or two about how clothing should fit with almost ten years fit modelling experience. From the sleeve head to the neck line and the waist line seam is well positioned ( although moving it a few Cm south would be perfect👌).



Is it me or do I have a slimmer and longer silhouette in this outfit? Can not complain though, plus its Scuba fabric 👐👐👐


Am having a midi obsession and love that this shirt is just over the knee and for a non Tall item it’s a pretty good length.


Be sure to let me know your thoughts on my matching set.

Top -ASOS Peplum Top In Vibrant Floral Print Co-ord – Blue

Skirt -ASOS CO-ORD Pencil Skirt in Scuba in Floral Print with Front Split

Lilac Shoes from Newlook

Lipstick from Lime Crime (pansy)

Necklace from Sheinside

Sunglasses – Sunday somewhere X fashion Toast(Paris D frame)

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From Skinnies to Wide leg

There are no two ways about it I live in my skinny jeans. But from time to time it’s important to move away from your comfort zone.

I am very glad that wide leg trousers have not totally died and I strongly believe they are making a comeback. I refused to threw out my wide leg trouser and jeans and I don’t think you should either… (advise from a hoarder).

I felt really ‘hippie’ in this paisley print palazzo trousers.  To top things off I rocked out in my tassel bag.

You can probably tell that I am NOT a visual merchandiser but I am quietly pleased with my improvisation skill here. Byebye studio light… hello fancy clothing rack.

Prints are taking over this summer 2015. The trick is to mix your printed items with bold colours as I have done here. Stay tuned for my take on prints. You will be amazed at the variety.



I said YES to a bit of fringe and some tassel on the top; in an attempt to bring back the 70s shake to this 21st century world.




I love the back slit on this maxi duster … it gives a cheeky peek of my palazzo trousers with every step.   It also give added movement to this cover up. All for extra fabulousness;).
The duster jackets are very similar to trench coats but made with much lighter fabrics so they are prefer for the spring and summer. The perfect ‘threw on’ to keep my skin covered and cool in the 45 degrees middle east sun.

Maxi Duster jacket with back slit -Custom made

Cami- Asos tall

Palazzo trouser -Dorothy Perkins Tall

or you can find similar at Long Tall Sally

Gold sandals -Primark

Leather bucket bag -Zara

Sunglasses – Sunday somewhere X fashion Toast(Paris D frame)

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