Travel Diaries – Slogan  Tee

Ever had difficulty expressing yourself? slogan Tee’s are a great way to get it off your chest… literally. 

I love the dramatic effects of slogan Tee’s. .. so eye catching and you can you get your message out in a snapshot.

Whether shop bought or customised have fun with your slogan Tee’s.  Enjoy the words ….they are your accessories.

Till the next post. see you soon. 

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Travel diaries – City bike tour

Yes guys…. City bike tour.  I love becoming a total tourist when on holiday.  Learning the city or the country and of- course taking a ton of pictures.

This time, we did things differently.  I have always wanted to trade my car for bicycles.  So i dived at the opportunity of a city tour.  It was so great having the wind and.. rain ..(dont ask) beat on my face.

I literally cycled back to my youth.

The bike and a tour guide cost approximately £20.  I would recommend renting E- Bikes to avoid over working your leg when cycling up hill.

What I loved most was the ability to quickly hop off my bike, take some pictures and off to the next location.  No weather

Despite getting rained on, I was so pleased that I managed to keep up with the 3 hours city tour.

Your probably wondering what to wear.  I figured that it I was going to be seen riding a bike, I wanted to look by best.  I had on dda  full face of makeup, hair curled and the cutest autumn leaves print wrap dress.

Comfortable shoes is a must!

I would also recommend packing a jacket or some outer wear  so no matter the weather you can have a good cycle.

Thanks for stopping by.  I had such a great time with the city bike tour.  I would love to hear your experiences of a bike tour in the comments box below.  Next  I would like to try a segway tour.

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Travel diaries – Sexy leather and stripes.

I can’t help but notice the amount of textures making a comeback this season. From velvet to further to leather. I simply love them all. 

I have been making the most of my pleather trouser. I totally get why leather is association with being sexy. The slick fabric has a great hand feel and gives a great shape. 

I paired my pleather trouser with a striped shirt dress for a complete chic finish.  vertical stripes are great for giving a slimmer appearance.

 a good pair of sandals transforms any outfit; plus I got to show off my amazing chrome pedicure which an obsessed with. 

My bag and shoes added some dimension to this outfit with a pop of colour.

Thanks for reading to the end. More travel looks to follow.

Stripes shirt dress – New look 

Pleather trousers – New Look

Nude sandals – Marks and  Spencer 

Handbag- Zara

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