Hey Guys, 
The UK has hit a sudden cold spell. We have been enjoying a relatively mild winter until a few days ago. It’s even been snowing ❄❄.

I have been battling a cold and trying my best to keep warm.  The only thing that seems to be keeping the BRrrrr away is the Furrrrrr. 

For the last few winters fur coats have been winning.  I see them a investment pieces which you can revamp winter after winter after winter.

This season I have been taken aback my the bursts of colour I have seen fur coats in. GOODBYE to dark dreary winters. HELLO head turning bright fuzzy bird. 


This is as bright as I can go for this moment is this extremely warm cream fur number. 
But it doesn’t stop me loving the following :

Saint Laurent Exaggerated shoulder fox fur coat

 Maison Margiela Fur Coat 

Unreal Fur Gorilla Coat

                             My outfit

  • Faux Fur Jacket -Dorothy Perkin 
  • Wool Jumpsuit – Asos
  • Over the knee boots – Newlook
  • Handbag – Zara

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    10 Ways to style your crochet braids

    Have you been considering having crochet braids? Confused as to how your going to style all that hair ( 8 packs full😬😒).

    Here are some ideas of how I styled mine.  I found that Crochet braids have some much character on their own and you don’t really need to do much to it… especially if you install coloured braids.

    Here a simple side part was enough to get everyone asking about my hair.

    I took things a little further with a deeper side pattern for that ultra feminine look. 

    If your feeling a little bold, why not try the top knot. This hair is pretty chunky so just a small chunk of hair from the middle will be enough to achieve this look.


    Fancying having all your friends talk about your hair, why not try creating the biggest top bun EVER. You may need a helping hand for this but you essentially tip all your hair forward, tie and begin to wrap it round in a bun.


    Maybe you need all your hair swept back and way from your face. This low ponytail will do the trick.


    You might want to try a high ponytail to transform your face. 


     Finally, if you think you have had enough of your crochet and it’s time to get rid. Maybe you should consider unravelling the braids . Be warned, you might fall in love with your hair all over again and may be tempted to get another weeks wear out of it.

    There you have ten ways I stayed my crochet.  

    In case you are stuck on where to purchase from, I ordered from Aliexpress.
    I have also uploaded a video of how do these style. Watch, enjoy and share.

    See you soon.  


    ✌& ❤