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10 Ways to style your crochet braids

Have you been considering having crochet braids? Confused as to how your going to style all that hair ( 8 packs full😬😒).

Here are some ideas of how I styled mine.  I found that Crochet braids have some much character on their own and you don’t really need to do much to it… especially if you install coloured braids.

Here a simple side part was enough to get everyone asking about my hair.

I took things a little further with a deeper side pattern for that ultra feminine look. 

If your feeling a little bold, why not try the top knot. This hair is pretty chunky so just a small chunk of hair from the middle will be enough to achieve this look.


Fancying having all your friends talk about your hair, why not try creating the biggest top bun EVER. You may need a helping hand for this but you essentially tip all your hair forward, tie and begin to wrap it round in a bun.


Maybe you need all your hair swept back and way from your face. This low ponytail will do the trick.


You might want to try a high ponytail to transform your face. 


 Finally, if you think you have had enough of your crochet and it’s time to get rid. Maybe you should consider unravelling the braids . Be warned, you might fall in love with your hair all over again and may be tempted to get another weeks wear out of it.

There you have ten ways I stayed my crochet.  

In case you are stuck on where to purchase from, I ordered from Aliexpress.
I have also uploaded a video of how do these style. Watch, enjoy and share. 


See you soon.  


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Crochet Braids 101

Hey lovelies, are you bored of your current hairstyle?
Stick with me ….am mixing things up a bit today talking all things hair. 

I am not my hair but I love the different looks and versatility of hair extentions .

So this post should cater to all your crochet needs. Feel free to ask me any questions you might still have. I used 8 packs of the Havana Mambo twist crochet braids. Each pack contains 12 strands of pre-twisted hair. 8 packs is more than enough to give you that big hair don’t care look.

This hairstyle is super quick. It’s almost as quick as just relaxing /perming your hair. I had this hair installed by my very able sister and first time crochetter  (that word is totally made up, but you get my drift). She completed the hair in about 2 – 3 hours. That includes braiding my own hair.

The hair is super quick to install because it come pre-braided or pre- twisted ( depending on which style you purchase )

Installation is done with a crochet needle.  No threads, yes I said No THREADS needs.
So you CAN actually 😴😴😴😴 while doing your hair.

I know your wondering how I shower or bath with all this hair…. now that’s the tricky part. Didn’t realise the hair would be see full. I normally creatively tie my hair up with an old pair of tights. That’s the nest I could think of. Shower caps just wouldn’t cut it. Let me know if you have any other smart ideas.


I have had a tonne of people ask if this hair is heavy. Yes there is some weight to it but it’s NOT heavier than your normal braids. The Havana twist hair is very light. It look alot heavier than it actually is. Believe me, I would not just deliberately carry bricks on my head.  If it was that bad, this installation  would be taken out pretty much straight away.

One more thing… if you currently sleep with 2 pillows, you might wanna down grade to just one pillow will you have this hair style.  This hair is very full and bulky so it could be your second pillow.

I totally love this hair and everyone loves it too. It looks just like actual braids on first sight.

Keep an eye on my instagram @ to see the various ways I style it.


See you soon
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