Athleisure 101 – Muted Colours

I have never featured so much grey on my blog or instagram  (@ijaykheavens ) until now . You may have noticed that throughout the Athleisure series I have stuck to muted/neutral colours such as blacks, greys and navy. This gives great flexibility when mixing styles .

From time to time I have inserted pops of colour through my lipstick 💄, trainers etc.

Here am wearing a colourblock sweatshirt.
These are huge this season and would go perfectly with a pair of jeans or a skirt.




Hope you have found these series useful.  Have fun with this trend as it’s here to stay.

Sweatshirt- Topshop Tall

Navy Joggers – New look Tall
Trainers- Nike
Sunglasses- Ray-bans

See you soon.
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Athleisure 101- Hello slim fit joggers

Jeans are so over rated and am always thankful when I find an alternative. My jeans are having a well deserved rest as I am having so much fun with my Athleisure wear.

Who would have thought it …

joggers and heels


I absolutely love the fit, feel and fab look of these brushed joggers from Topshop. By far the best Tall joggers on the high street at the moment.
So so comfortable, I just can’t get over it.



The fact that you can dress your joggers up or down makes it the perfect versatile peice. If your like me and like to get your monies worth from each item of clothing you buy, this could be a good one.🙊



Sunglasses- Grey Ants
Lipstick – Mac Ruby woo
Black vest – Primark
Leather Jacket – Topshop Tall
Brushed Grey Joggers – Topshop Tall
Strappy peep top heels – Next
Handbag – Zara
Scarf – Zara

See you real soon.

Athleisure 101 – Be on trend!

Guys there are trends and there are teends.This is a trend that I can assure you is not going anywhere anytime soon… so the sooner you jump on board… the better #teamathleisure.

Ladies keep your Athleisure game in fleek.

At the moment mesh panel are on fire. This are perfect for adding a little sexiness, yet it help with ventilation when your doing all that working out, walking or lunching.


I would say move away from the spandex legging but YAASSSSS to great prints and patterned leggings.


Bomber Jacket are quickly becoming everyone’s must have. They are great for these “quick throw something one moment”.
Equally the can can be dresses up for luxe sports looks.



Bomber Jacket – Topshop Tall
Leggings – New Look Tall
Hooded top -Primark
Trainers – Nike

See you soon.
✌ &❤

Athleisure 101 – Why you need a maxi coat

As we continue with this ultimate Comfortable yet Fashionable trend.
Am hearing you say …Well how do I pull off wearing my yoga cropped top out to work or to lunch. Well… I can almost assure you that your local restaurant may not turn away given the austere times.

It probably would not be totally appropriate to wear a bralet to a corporate job either.
BUT… this is were that Haute maxi coat comes in handy.

This is fashions greatest cover up and of course it’s keeps the chill away.



The world need not know that your donning an ASOS lounge wear!.  You keep it wrapped up, fashionable yet totally un-bothered.








Over-sized Lapel Maxi coat – All things tall and plus (coming soon)

Lounge jumpsuit- ASOS

Keep mixing leisure and sports wear.

Until the next post ✌ &❤



Trainers-  Net-a -porter

Bag – Primark


Athleisure 101- Ultimate Comfy Chic

Hi Lovelies,

So you have probably heard the buzz word “Athleisure”.  Well, if you have not, your in the right place; and if you have, your still in the right place.

Over the next few days I will be breaking down this fashion trend with tips on how to style it.  
Agreed! This look is not for everyone. However, if you have ever wondered how to pull this look off, I will be sharing tips to achieving this great WORK, to LUNCH, to GYM , TO HIM Look.

The trick is to not over think things. Feel free to team your sports wear with smart casual peices as I have done here.


Suprise suprise it works. In all honestly this did seem a little strange at first, but I did not feel out of place. Most importantly I was warm and Comfortable.

My only challenge with this whole Athleisure thing is that Tall sports wear is extremely limited. There was probably about 4 retailers in the UK with a tall sports wear range.
I was able to bag this great top and bottom fem Newlook for under £20.


I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit from a light workout to catch up coffee.
What’s your take on Athleisure? I do not see this trend dying out as sports and fits is rapidly becoming part and parcel of everyday life.

Sports vest – New Look Tall

Sports leggings – New Look Tall

Trainers- Nike

Scarf – Zara

Coat – Zara

Bag – Primark

Ok .. see you soon for more Athleisure tips.
Until then✌&❤


5 reasons why I have been In love with ASOS Sinnceee!!!!


As its Valentines day, am calling a spade a spade and laying my cards down.
I have been loving Asos for a minute.
I am always quick to embrace any tall range, but the love for Asos is very different.
Here is why:

1- I have a HUGE issue with things not fitting well. I have been a fitting model for years and it has made me obsessed with pukered or cracking stitches, garment balance etc …
It makes all the difference when cloths are fitted on various sizes and graded well. Thank you Asos for using real models and getting you grading right on most occasions and your fitting is pretty consistent 👏👏👏👏.
I know a size 16 will always fit from Asos.

2- Sadly Asos does not have a physical shop anywhere and there is nothing worse than seeing something online , ordering it only to realise it’s totally not what you expected. Thank God for the genius who came up with the Asos catwalk view. 👌.
It makes such a difference. I can see how the garment fits and moves on an actual body.

3- I get super annoyed when I have to pay for delivery.  Yes I know people shouldn’t work for free but I always place my order then remember I forgot to add an item to the basket. 😒. So I have to order again and pay for delivery all over again.  Asos on the other hand gives me free delivery so I can order and order till my card gets declined. If your impatient like me. You can gave unlimited next day delivery for just £9.99. ✔

4- I love that when I click on Asos tall, I get a variety of other tall brands .  No need to leave the site. It’s all there.  Thanks Asos for bringing tall brands together. 

Finally.. it can be a real struggle to get tall clothes that look and fit great. Am not complaining because things have improved alot from when I was a teenager.
I have to say Asos is number 1 for keeping their tall range current, upto date and restocked. As I write this post there are 450 tall styles to choose from.  Tall women  need and love choice. It just thrills me.

I really could go on and I will just mention this one last thing plssss.
Don’t you just love that Asos prices is reasonable.  I was blessed with my height. Don’t penalise me with a higher price tag JUST because the item is tall. !

Ok … thats me done 

See you soon.

Oh… Happy Valentines day 😉

Winter Black…How to wear Black Head to Toe ( A Tall Guide)

Winter is still lingering and as much as I can almost smell Spring, the cutting cold winds just brings me right back to reality.

One great reason for wearing black in the winter is that it helps to keep me warm. Black is an insulator !


I was not going for the “moaning” look so I kept my clothing item light and on trend.
I love the way this hat gives this outfit a whole new dimension. Hats have a great way of making you look very stylish and “bloggaesque”



I have lived in my turtle neck tops this season. Another great and on trend piece.
Oh… and very flattering.


A must have for every woman is that ‘hold it all in High waisted black jeans . They are perfect for every occasion and it does wonders for concealing my muffin top.

I am wearing my thigh high boots for the appearance of even longer legs. You can hardly see the break from my jeans to my boots.


I kept my jewellery to a minimum so that the outfit would stand out and do all the talking .


That my friends is how you can wear black from head to toe and look show stoppingly fabulous.

This look takes several Ibs off me ..winning 👍

Hat – River Island
Turtle neck top – Primark
Jeans – Asos
Boots – New look
Bag – Accessories
Jacket -Topshop

See you soon ✌&❤