Athleisure 101 – Why you need a maxi coat

As we continue with this ultimate Comfortable yet Fashionable trend.
Am hearing you say …Well how do I pull off wearing my yoga cropped top out to work or to lunch. Well… I can almost assure you that your local restaurant may not turn away given the austere times.

It probably would not be totally appropriate to wear a bralet to a corporate job either.
BUT… this is were that Haute maxi coat comes in handy.

This is fashions greatest cover up and of course it’s keeps the chill away.



The world need not know that your donning an ASOS lounge wear!.  You keep it wrapped up, fashionable yet totally un-bothered.








Over-sized Lapel Maxi coat – All things tall and plus (coming soon)

Lounge jumpsuit- ASOS

Keep mixing leisure and sports wear.

Until the next post ✌ &❤



Trainers-  Net-a -porter

Bag – Primark


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