Athleisure 101 – Be on trend!

Guys there are trends and there are teends.This is a trend that I can assure you is not going anywhere anytime soon… so the sooner you jump on board… the better #teamathleisure.

Ladies keep your Athleisure game in fleek.

At the moment mesh panel are on fire. This are perfect for adding a little sexiness, yet it help with ventilation when your doing all that working out, walking or lunching.


I would say move away from the spandex legging but YAASSSSS to great prints and patterned leggings.


Bomber Jacket are quickly becoming everyone’s must have. They are great for these “quick throw something one moment”.
Equally the can can be dresses up for luxe sports looks.



Bomber Jacket – Topshop Tall
Leggings – New Look Tall
Hooded top -Primark
Trainers – Nike

See you soon.
✌ &❤

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