Ysl Oriental collection

I am a HUGE fan of luxury perfumes.  Sometimes I really wish I didn’t get on this wagon because once your on it…. you just keep discovering great smells… 😤😤

I have had the pleasure of trying out this collection. 
Did you know that the Supreme Bouquet is one of the most sold perfumes. … well so they told me.

It’s really difficult to chose a favourite as they are all so great but I am leaning towards the Splendid Wood.

At over £200 for 80ml this is definitely going on my 2016 want list.


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Merry Christmas

Hey guys …. only right I get my Christmas well wishes in before the clock strikes 12.

Merry Christmas everyone ! This Christmas came around so quickly. Still can not believe the year is almost coming to an end.
I am so so very grateful to have made it this far in the year.
Only by his grace y’all!🙏

On a less serious note. This is the perfect time to share my Christmas. Sometimes nothing beats the classic Red.

Does anyone actually know why Red is such a Christmas colour???







Merry Christmas once again to you and yours.

With all my love💋

Nails Inc spray can Review

So it’s been some weeks since I posted my initial look/ how to /review of the Nails Inc Spray can.
Weeks later I am in a better position to comment on the durability of this nail varnish.


I had not thought of this till I looked at this picture.  This product is perfectly designed to fit into the hand. The can is not to small or to big for that matter. I guess it all makes for easier use and application .


It claims to be the fastest manicure.  Well.. if your only considering the time it takes to spray the paint and allow it to dry… then you might be onto something . But once I factor in the time I spend prepping for application ( covering my furniture ) and then having to wash the excess off my finger.  I am not sure it’s so fast. I definitely would not be using this product when am in a rush.


To my suprise this product adhered very well to the nail as long as you apply your base and top coat.

Now for what you have all been waiting for.

Does it last.

Well…  it held up pretty well. It can’t be compared to your nail gels etc but it didn’t do too bad either.
The picture below was taken one week after application


Feel free to check out my video review below.


Have you purchased your spray can. Let me know your thoughts on this product below.

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