Time machine … where art thou?

Take me back plssss…
This time last week I was getting ready to embrace the new me… the older and somewhat more mature me. (Ha).
I planned a quiet night so at approximately 10.37pm on the  Tuesday  22nd September I made a reservation at Steam and Rye.

I have to give it to them, they confirmed the reservation first thing in the morning.  So for my fellow last minute.comers this could be ideal for u.
GREAT venue although parking was a nightmare.  Nothing  gets past me… I managed to get FREE parking some 2 streets down Leadenhall Road


A very vintage feel to the deco upstairs with dated boxes and brief cases.


No I have not applied any filters…this is the setting and feel of the sitting area. Pretty cosy if that’s the feel your going for but damn difficult to read the menu.


All in all the food was not great but there was a great ambience about this venue.
They make a pretty good strawberry daiquiri so that makes up for everything.


Cheers to a lovely evening.

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Fashion has no eyes

I recently changed my hair as you might have noticed from my pictures .

I have had a few compliments as to how fashionable a full fringe looks on me.  Fashionable is definitely good but this fringe is sooo long.. I can hardly see without tilting my head back.

They say the eyes are the windows to ones soul so I want to showcase mine.

I have been using the Benefit Eye Bright from Boots to give my eye a wider and brighter appearance.


This is so worth the £15.50


Take care not to over apply as it can look slightly odd if done over the top.


Champers in the sky

Soooooo ….. I did the craziest thing today.  I bit the bullet and booked to have Taittinger in the sky courtesy of Events in the sky (London in the sky)
I have noticed that this has come to London every September for the last 2 years.

I get bored easily so am always on the look out for the next thrilling experience. I am slowly embracing the fact that I secretly enjoy the rush and adrenaline.

This was my birthday treat…(my birthday was on the 23rd of September) what a way to start the new age💥💥💥💥

So about this experience. The pictures speak for its self.  Totally breathtaking and nothing like anything I have ever done before.

I did not realise just what I had signed up for until we were 30 metres high.  It doesn’t sound very high but believe me…. it’s high enough for you NOT to want to look down.
This food was light but very very tasty Courtesy of Kurobuta.  I will be checking out the restaurant very soon.

I could go on but you just have to experience it yourself.

Truly a once in a lifetime experience





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I thought you might like to see what I wore. Although the sun was out it was a little chilly and breezy up there so dress warm.


Jacket from Topshop (tall)
High neck top from River Island
Joni Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Topshop
Hand bag from BHS


Perfect Pleats

Skirts are essentials in every ladies wardrobe.  How much better when the skirt is a midi, pleated and printed.

Yessss🙌🙌. That’s triple glory in my books.

Pleated skirts have an element of “back to school” and it reminds me of my much cherished school days.  I hated my pleated kilt skirt back then. Who would have known that I would be investing in pleated skirts now. On a more serious note, this skirt is lush and it would make the perfect center piece for every outfit.

I am obsessed with movement and this skirt has got it all and a bag of chips. Although not part of the tall range at Topshop, I just had to click buy.

The sad part of life is that you can’t always get what you want, when you want it.

So this is my secret.

When I can’t find a style in the tall range, I always check out the standard range.  Generally I can get away with a midi length in the standard range.

Ta daaa!!!

Never let your height make you feel disadvantaged


This shirt works so well as a high waist number.  Can you see what I mean by the length. Perfect for my long legs



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Top- Primark

Skirt- Topshop


Shoes- Zara

Bag- Zara

Necklace -River Island

Soft layering

The only way to survive the winter chill is to layer up.  I also like to use  this survival tip during the autumn but to a lesser degree by SOFT LAYERING.

This sounds more technical than it actually it.  Essentially it requires the laying for thin layers of clothing to achieve a cosy look as I have done here.  I styled this look for my Podiatry appointment today.  Its been raining cats and dogs yet the temperature is still in the high teens. Getting dressed in the morning has just gotten even more hard and confusing to avoid not being too hot during the commute and not freezing in the evening.  I literally threw on layers all in the name of trying to keep warm andddddddddd Voila !!!.. a pretty trending/ edgy soft layered look.

I like this look because it can easily go from a day to a evening look, i mean drinks after work kinda vibe. My scarf was bought donkey years ago from Topshop (I am not sure why I keep using animal idioms…. promise, this is the last one).  It never gets old and the fringed ends add some much needed movement to this outfit, totally bringing it to life.





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Scarf from Topshop

Black sleeve top from Primark

Treggings from Topshop Tall

Sleeveless jacket from Topshop Tall


Shoe boots form Dorothy perkins

Handbag from Halston heritage bought from The Outnet


Upgrade your 9-5

Upgrading your 9-5 is not easy but it CAN be done. Interestingly, I did just that by making 2 simple changes…… to my outfit. I am talking about how I updated my 9-5 work look;););)
I am the worst for not making an effort when going to work.
But the following saying really got me thinking:

“Dress the way you want to be addressed”

Getting the balance between looking chic for work yet not over the top is a daily battle. But I think I have nailed the 2 staple peices to update any work outfit.
As we say sayonara to summer and hello fall; jackets, coats, trench coats and classic heels are the only way forward. Make sure you do not get left behind.


These shoes are the business but I can’t help but see them as casual when I wear it to work



Angle grazer trouser are great for work.  They are super versatile and very comfort. With these you can bring some colour to any work environment.
Remember smart does not have to mean boring!!




As much as I love this look. Watch me totally upgrade this look to a chic work attire.


What a difference a pair of heels and a Camel Coat makes.





I had fun upgrading this work look. Going back to work on Monday should be interesting.

Long sleeve blouse -Asos


TALL Ankle grazers trousers- Asos


Moonstone flat shoes -Asos


Nude pointed Heels -Asos


Hand Bag- French connection.

Coat -Great Plains

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