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Styling Bermuda Shorts

Shorts and summer go hand in hand.  With the sun blessing us with a few rays, it only right we dedicate some time to shorts.

I would never pick shorts first on any given day…but if i had to…. Bermuda shorts would make the cut.  I know,  I Know!  Knee length anything are so ancient, but this classic cut provides a very chic way to hide knock knees, cellulite and what ever else you might want to keep under wraps. 

Unlike other shorts, I would feel very comfortable wearing these to the office or other corporate events. Believe it or not theses shorts are super versatile and easy to dress up or down.

I styled mine by pairing my Bermuda short with a tucked in basic cami ( this gives the illusion that it’s a one piece) and layered a lace blouse on top.  For the added touch of Chic-ness I dug out an old pair of heeled shoes, my Angolmania’s -perfect !

Soo…. have I convinced you that Bermuda shorts are a must try this summer ? 

How would you wear your?


Black Lace blouse- Zara

Orange cami- Banana Republic 

Orange bermuda shorts – Asos

Black peep toe shoes – Vienna Westwood/ melissa”s

Black fringed clutch – Zara
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Upgrade your 9-5

Upgrading your 9-5 is not easy but it CAN be done. Interestingly, I did just that by making 2 simple changes…… to my outfit. I am talking about how I updated my 9-5 work look;););)
I am the worst for not making an effort when going to work.
But the following saying really got me thinking:

“Dress the way you want to be addressed”

Getting the balance between looking chic for work yet not over the top is a daily battle. But I think I have nailed the 2 staple peices to update any work outfit.
As we say sayonara to summer and hello fall; jackets, coats, trench coats and classic heels are the only way forward. Make sure you do not get left behind.


These shoes are the business but I can’t help but see them as casual when I wear it to work



Angle grazer trouser are great for work.  They are super versatile and very comfort. With these you can bring some colour to any work environment.
Remember smart does not have to mean boring!!




As much as I love this look. Watch me totally upgrade this look to a chic work attire.


What a difference a pair of heels and a Camel Coat makes.





I had fun upgrading this work look. Going back to work on Monday should be interesting.

Long sleeve blouse -Asos


TALL Ankle grazers trousers- Asos


Moonstone flat shoes -Asos


Nude pointed Heels -Asos


Hand Bag- French connection.

Coat -Great Plains

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