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Five rules for wearing floral prints

Hey lovelies. …. we can hardly make it past summer without saying the ‘F’ word. Floral prints are definitely a summer staple.

Deciding which floral print to wear can be the problem. Is there any such thing as a dated print? Are some prints more suited for specific sessions ? ????🤔

Fashion rules are there to be pushed and broken. But here are 5 rules to help you in wearing floral prints this summer. 

Rule  No. 1

Wear whatever print makes you happy and comfortable . During the summer months you might find that larger sized  prints are more suited to match the bright and vibrant weather.  During the winter you can get away with adding colour and character to grey and cold days with smaller sized floral prints.

Rule No. 2

It is not a crime to wear floral print on floral print.  It takes a very special kind of person to pull this off.  If you are going the extra mile and wish to wear clashing prints, take care not to over do it. Medium sized prints with small sized floral prints might just be the right balance. 
Rule No. 3

Make a statement with your floral print.  Maximum the impact of your floral print by wearing it in a maxi-dress or by draping it in a duster/ kimono.
Rule No. 4

Be brave enough to experiment with colour. Opt for colours which suit your complexion for a girly and fresh look. 
Rule No. 5

If you are still not sure how to join the flower power movement, floral embroidery item are on trend and perfect for this season.  

Image from Topshop
How are you floral-ing this season. Have fun with it. 

See you soon. 


My outfit deets 

-dress and bag from Zara 

-sandals from Primark

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MUA LUXE Velvet lip lacquer – Gravity

So this is the last of the 3 lipsticks bought from the MUA LUXE velvet lip lacquer range. 

Today am wearing the shade Gravity.

This colour did not disappoint. I have been trying to build my collection of nudes and this fits perfectly into what I have already. 

The product is marketed as Long wear. In all honestly it last me all day. I usually have to use a makeup cleanser to remove this lipstick at the end od the day. Am sure you are all wondering if there is any transfer. You will be pleased to know that there is no transfer once dry.

Hey… if you have tried other shades in this range let me know your thoughts. Amy recommendations are welcomed in the comments box below.

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See you soon. 



MUA LUXE Velvet lip lacquer – Euphoria

Hey guys … so today am trying out the Euphoria Velvet Lip Lacquer.

Not sure how to describe this lipstick.  It looks very Pinky in the hand. Almost like a baby pink.

However on applying it, it is super bright and rather luminous. 

This is not for the faint hearted.

While am growing to love this shade I found the application some what difficult. The colour was streaky. So in my effort to combat this I applied various layers …ooooops. BIG MISTAKE ! Sadly this just made the lipstick very thick and a little crackly.

I decided to tone this lip colour down by lining my lips. 

I have one more lip colour to trial.   Stay tuned . Let me know which colours loving so far

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See you soon. 



MUA LUXE Velvet lip lacquer – Sizzle

Lipsticks are a girl’s bestfriend.  It’s even better when you find a good buy. 

You can image the glee when I found out the superdrugs were doing 3 for 2 on beauty products. I didn’t plan on buying this lipsticks but the offer was too good to miss🙈

I spotted the MUA LUXE liquid lipstic and thought I would give it a try. 

Totally impressed by the colours available. Cool nudes and some vibrant blue shapes.

I opted for the Sizzle as I do not currently own any rusty orange shades of lipstick.   This is exactly how I would describe this lipstick. A rusty, burnt orange tone. 

This lipstick tub is well designed with a light frosted finish.  

I like the pigmentation of this lipstick. Well worth the £3.  Yes I said £3. It dries fairly quickly so you have to be quick. Once dry my lips do not feel hard and dry, or crumbly like most matte lipsticks. 

I will keep you all posted on how I get on with the other shaded that I bought. 

This product was purchased from Superdrugs. 

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See you soon. 



DIY- Making a Kimono Jacket

Hi Guys,

I have recently had the urge to be more creative.  So I embarked on my first DIY sewing project to make a Kimono Jacket.

To start with I went fabric shopping.  This was so much fun guys. So much colours and textures out there.  I don’t know much about fabric compositions but something flowy works well for Kimono’s.  I also went for something with florals since this is totally in trend.

Once you have your fabric, you will need the following:


  • 2.5 yards of Fabric ( buy more fabric if you want the Kimono to be bigger or longer)
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric marker or chalk
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors 

Begin by folding your fabric into two. Do this along the longer side of the fabric.


Decide on how big you want the Kimono, then mark iron and and cut downwards of the folded edge.  I wanted an over-sized look so I measure mine at 36 inches ( This came out super big so I ended up taking 2 inches off).  When cutting ensure you still have enough fabric for your sleeves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With the remaining fabric measure and cut out your sleeves.  I wanted wide and long sleeves these measured  13 inches on the half.  You will need to cut two fabrics this size for both sleeves.


You should have the following pieces of fabric cut now.  You will notice that I cut a slit in the bigger piece of the fabric.  This is the main body of the kimono and the slit will form the front openings/ sides.  Do not throw away left over fabrics.  This can be used to make a belt or pockets for your Kimono.IMG_2859

I decided to work on the sleeves first. On each piece, I pinned the two edges inside out and sewed.   As an additional step I ironed my seams open.  This helps with getting that great finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I currently do not have an over-locker so I had to double fold and sew all the raw edges on the Kimono to avoid fraying.  On the sleeves you only need to do this to one edge as the other edge will be joined to the main body of the Kimono.

You are now ready to attach the sleeves.  Insert the sleeves into the Kimono and pin into place. Take care to ensure that the sleeves are the right way in to avoid having them inside out once you have finished sowing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You should now have the basics of your Kimono.


I decided to cut the neck line as above to add some shaping to the collar.

Finally sew the sides together and neatly bind all your raw edges.  And your DONE!

Oh I added pockets and a belt with left over fabrics.

All in all I found this Kimono fairly straight forward to make and I am so thrilled with what I have achieved.  One of my biggest challenge was in binding the neck edge because of the collar curve( I could really do with some tips on how to do a better job of this in the future).  I am also still working on making my sewing straight but am sure a little more practice will straighten this out.  In hindsight I wish I used fabric that was printed on both sides.  Am not keen on seeing the plain side showing as am wearing the Kimono.

Ok so…. This is the finished product!   Still not sure how an going to wear this on holiday but I put this look together just to show you.


Thanks for reading to the end.  Please let me know what you think of this look.

If you have any questions or comments you can put them in the comments box below.

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Outfit details

Playsuit from Zara

Nude Sandals from Marks and Spencer.


Travel diaries – Protecting your Jewellery on holiday.

Hey lovelies, I thought I would share this  blog post following my own experiences when traveling with jewellery.

Jewellery definitely adds something special to holiday outfits. However, I was quick to learn that if you do not take care … you could end up in a hot tangle.

1. Store your jewellery in a small bag or pouch when travelling. This somewhat minimises tangling.

2. If your idea of a good holiday involves laying on the beach soaking up the sun. You may want to consider taking off all  jewellery in the sun as they can get pretty heated.  This will also reduce the chances of any unsightly tan lines.

3. Avoid exposing your jewelleries to sun lotion, chemical and salt water.  This can speed up the oxidation process. No body lies tarnished jewellery.

4.  Finally, should you decide to travel with your priced gems, be sure to use the safety deposit box , if this is available in your hotel room.

Thanks for reading to the end.  Please feel free to leave any further suggestions on ways to protect jewellery when on holiday in the comments box below.

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Travel diaries – Paisley print swimsuit

I have really missed going for swims. I am a huge fan of Evans swimwear. Maybe I am partly biased because all the swimwear is fitted on me. Regardless… I just don’t think Evans get the credit they deserve at times .
I wore the paisley print swimsuit from Evans clothing.   The halterneck on this style is very flattering . More than anything else I like the fact that this one piece swim suit looks like a two peice . 😋tricked ya😋.





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See you soon.
✌ &❤

Spring 2016 Must haves-Pyjamas inspired day wear (p/t3)

So…. for the final look I added the ever classic  sleeveless longline jacket.
This is every girls must have and can totally be dressed up or dressed down.

The nude colour adds a soft touch and it gives a very modern yet chic finish to the look.


Wide leg trousers are totally trending this season. The timing couldn’t have been more purrrrfect.  As the weather warms up its very refreshing to have light weight, free fabrics that do not stick to your body (thighs).




-Body suit – New look.
sleeveless longline jacket – Topshop
-Scarf print wide leg trousers -Marks and Spencer.
-Shoes – New look
-Bag -An other stories

Thanks for your time … see you soon…. before you go, which is your fav look .
1, 2, or 3 . Comments below.


✌ & ❤

Spring 2016 Must haves-Pyjamas inspired day wear (p/t2)

Feeling less adventurous?
Why not break up the pyjamas inspired sets for an equally fabulously trendy look.



I ditched the wide leg trouser for a moment and opted for a pleated skirt.
The colour of this skirt is very fresh an brightens up the look.
As you can see no movement is lost with this skirt.






Ofcourse we had fun with this shot. Fighting mother nature as I hold down my hat, while keeping my bag in place and trying to strut my stuff in the middle of looking cute. 😓🙁

Anyway… I have a final take on this trend coming soon. Stay tuned.
Hope you liked this look.
Your thoughts in the comments box below.
✌& ❤

-Scarf print blouse -Marks and Spencer .
-Pleated skirt- Marks and Spencer
-Bag- An other stories
-Shoes – New look
-Hat – River Island

Ooo so Spring

The clocks have gone forwards in the UK(Bst) and it’s so good to have brighter sky’s for longer.
Nothing says spring like nude colours, No Coat, elegant knit wear, skirts and shades.


There is a spring in my step as I say ‘Hello’ to Spring.







So what am I wearing …
Textured roll neck jumper- New Look
Pleather Skirt – River Island
Sandals – Marks and Spencer
Bag – Bhs
Sunglasses- Random Shop in Calais

See you soon for more spring looks