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Timeless… Monochrome

Just when you think something is going out of fashion and BOOM it comes back bigger than ever.

There are no fancy words needed monochrome is….


Perfect for most occasions and that “ohh so chic look ”


To achieve this look I threw on this sleeveless duster coat onto what would have been an all black looks.
Interesting how it completely changes things up.


Thought I had better warn you.. I have been living in my turtle neck/ roll neck as the weather changes.  It looks so trendy. .. even If I say so myself. You will be seeing more of this.


Don’t you just love the swoooshhh of these duster jackets.💨💨💨💨


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Necklace  from Topshop
Roll neck from Primark
Sleeveless duster coats from Pr imark -(😲still in shock myself.
Ribbed Skirt from Newlook
Peep toe shoe boot form Dorothy Perkins
Handbag from BHS

Dearest Topshop… Thank YOU !!

Dear Topshop,

I just want to say

Thank you.

Thank you for still having a tall section in a majority of your stores. To often have I seen the tall section shunted to the tiny corner (usually at the very back of the store), you will be lucky if you find a rack of tall clothing in the stores who have a tall range. In many cases its totally non existent…. zero… zilch…nadah…diddly-squat.
  As if we tall ladies do not matter or exist.
“Am so sorry you can only shop the range online now”.
“The full collection is only online”

We only exist in cyber space !


No it’s not the largest collection nor the most trendy but my god is it refreshing to see.

Ok…. rant over
Bye 😚😚
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Champers in the sky

Soooooo ….. I did the craziest thing today.  I bit the bullet and booked to have Taittinger in the sky courtesy of Events in the sky (London in the sky)
I have noticed that this has come to London every September for the last 2 years.

I get bored easily so am always on the look out for the next thrilling experience. I am slowly embracing the fact that I secretly enjoy the rush and adrenaline.

This was my birthday treat…(my birthday was on the 23rd of September) what a way to start the new age💥💥💥💥

So about this experience. The pictures speak for its self.  Totally breathtaking and nothing like anything I have ever done before.

I did not realise just what I had signed up for until we were 30 metres high.  It doesn’t sound very high but believe me…. it’s high enough for you NOT to want to look down.
This food was light but very very tasty Courtesy of Kurobuta.  I will be checking out the restaurant very soon.

I could go on but you just have to experience it yourself.

Truly a once in a lifetime experience





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I thought you might like to see what I wore. Although the sun was out it was a little chilly and breezy up there so dress warm.


Jacket from Topshop (tall)
High neck top from River Island
Joni Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Topshop
Hand bag from BHS