Time machine … where art thou?

Take me back plssss…
This time last week I was getting ready to embrace the new me… the older and somewhat more mature me. (Ha).
I planned a quiet night so at approximately 10.37pm on the  Tuesday  22nd September I made a reservation at Steam and Rye.

I have to give it to them, they confirmed the reservation first thing in the morning.  So for my fellow last minute.comers this could be ideal for u.
GREAT venue although parking was a nightmare.  Nothing  gets past me… I managed to get FREE parking some 2 streets down Leadenhall Road


A very vintage feel to the deco upstairs with dated boxes and brief cases.


No I have not applied any filters…this is the setting and feel of the sitting area. Pretty cosy if that’s the feel your going for but damn difficult to read the menu.


All in all the food was not great but there was a great ambience about this venue.
They make a pretty good strawberry daiquiri so that makes up for everything.


Cheers to a lovely evening.

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