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Nails Inc spray can Review

So it’s been some weeks since I posted my initial look/ how to /review of the Nails Inc Spray can.
Weeks later I am in a better position to comment on the durability of this nail varnish.


I had not thought of this till I looked at this picture.  This product is perfectly designed to fit into the hand. The can is not to small or to big for that matter. I guess it all makes for easier use and application .


It claims to be the fastest manicure.  Well.. if your only considering the time it takes to spray the paint and allow it to dry… then you might be onto something . But once I factor in the time I spend prepping for application ( covering my furniture ) and then having to wash the excess off my finger.  I am not sure it’s so fast. I definitely would not be using this product when am in a rush.


To my suprise this product adhered very well to the nail as long as you apply your base and top coat.

Now for what you have all been waiting for.

Does it last.

Well…  it held up pretty well. It can’t be compared to your nail gels etc but it didn’t do too bad either.
The picture below was taken one week after application


Feel free to check out my video review below.


Have you purchased your spray can. Let me know your thoughts on this product below.

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A-Z A/W trends 2015 -Jumper dresses

We have made it to trend number 10.

Jumper dresses are my comfort Zone.
They are super easy, leggings or  jeans…it just works every time.
With the 70s trend still reigning mighty high neck jumper dress are the new biz. Pair it with high thigh boots 😍😍😍😍


I could wear this trend all day every day.
Hope you like and see you tomorrow
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Models own : Hyper gel

As I walked through the Brent Cross shopping mall in London I was instantly drawn to the Model’s own stand. OMG it was amazing.  It was like a big candy store so colourful and FULL of nail goodies.

To top things off they had an offer on

5 items for £20

Woooooow. I just had to take 5 fabulous colours.

This was the first time I had seen hyper gel nail polish. A little sceptical at first but this stuff is GOOD.


No need for UV lights
No more curing time
No more long soak off process.


Say yes to salon quality nails at home
YES  to glossy finish
YES to mega shine
YES to a great colour range
YES to that nail gel look


A week later this nail polish has stayed put. Minimal chips. Yaaaassss.


Let me know if you have tried the hyper gel polish. Is it not great !

Yes my nails are real and 100% natural. Find out the secret of how I grow my nails on my youtube.

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Lips… bittersweet

I work so hard for my ££ so I have to be doubly  sure before spending it.

This Bittersweet pro longwear lip pencil from M.A.C was a bittersweet purchase @ £15.00 but it is soooo worth it.


I used this lip pencil all over the lips to achieve this matte lip colour. I only learnt to do this recently ( thanks Saima for the head up😉) and it is fantastic. I love the standard matte lipsticks but I find they get very dryy and crackly.
Don’t you just love that rusty brown shade 💋

I have to give it to M.A.C this prolong lip pencil glide on so smoothly. It’s almost like a second skin. At time of writing this lips pencil has been on for 6 hrs.



A Tall and plus thumbs up from me.

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Fashion has no eyes

I recently changed my hair as you might have noticed from my pictures .

I have had a few compliments as to how fashionable a full fringe looks on me.  Fashionable is definitely good but this fringe is sooo long.. I can hardly see without tilting my head back.

They say the eyes are the windows to ones soul so I want to showcase mine.

I have been using the Benefit Eye Bright from Boots to give my eye a wider and brighter appearance.


This is so worth the £15.50


Take care not to over apply as it can look slightly odd if done over the top.


Perfect Pleats

Skirts are essentials in every ladies wardrobe.  How much better when the skirt is a midi, pleated and printed.

Yessss🙌🙌. That’s triple glory in my books.

Pleated skirts have an element of “back to school” and it reminds me of my much cherished school days.  I hated my pleated kilt skirt back then. Who would have known that I would be investing in pleated skirts now. On a more serious note, this skirt is lush and it would make the perfect center piece for every outfit.

I am obsessed with movement and this skirt has got it all and a bag of chips. Although not part of the tall range at Topshop, I just had to click buy.

The sad part of life is that you can’t always get what you want, when you want it.

So this is my secret.

When I can’t find a style in the tall range, I always check out the standard range.  Generally I can get away with a midi length in the standard range.

Ta daaa!!!

Never let your height make you feel disadvantaged


This shirt works so well as a high waist number.  Can you see what I mean by the length. Perfect for my long legs



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See you on the next post


Top- Primark

Skirt- Topshop


Shoes- Zara

Bag- Zara

Necklace -River Island

Au natural

Every now and then I get this urge  to clean up my act!
I usually become best friends with the whole food aisle at my local Sainsburys.

My dear friend was just telling me about the important of putting natural products both inside and outside the body.
Your skin has pores and apparently 60% of what is applied to the skin is absorbed into the blood stem.

I recent discovered Love and Toast


It smells gorgeous and I can’t believe it’s natural. I have been using it in the 40 degrees Dubai sun and it doesn’t change smells like most fragrances do in the heat.

Made with Natural alcohol, Petrolatum free, Paraben free, Phthalate free, No animal ingredients.


Great for those moments when you need to freshen up. The honey and coconut blend is absolutely refreshing. 

I got mine from Amazon, can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the honey and coconut collection.