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A-Z A/W trends 2015 -Indulgence

Fashion is so fast paced, but every now and then you need step away from it all and invest in what I call “indulgent investment peices” There are classic items which are always trending .
Here are a few from my wish list


See you tomorrow for Trend “J”

A-Z A/W trends 2015 -Heels

Today we are talking HEELS,
I don’t just mean any type of heel, but block , chunky heels.
I am so glad these are hot off the runway.

As a tall and plus size  woman I find that there is alot of strain on my knees and wearing heels can often make this worse.  I can’t bring myself to do away with my heels but whenever I can I prefer to opt for a chunky heel instead. 

Check out how these are worn in the a/w 2015 fashion show.


These boots from Lanvin were made for talking. You know they will be supper comfortable with those chunky heels.


I am also a huge fan these shoes from Anthony Vaccarello. Bling on shoes feature several times on the runway this season.


The barely off the ground sparkly shoes from Mui Mui are the business. I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy these but you see where am going with this trend.

Check out a few of my favourite heels that I have been able to showcase all thanks to Polyvore .


Who prefers to stay in the comfort zone even when wearing heels? 🙋🙋🙋🙋Meeeee!!!

Stay tuned for trend ‘I’ tomorrow.
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A-Z A/W trends 2015 – Geeky goes Sexy

Right … I was slightly taken aback by today’s trend.

Geeky is the new sexyyy😨😨😨

When did looking geeky become so trendy. Goes to show that you just have to be yourself and experiment with fashion.

To achieve this look you need a combination of prints, colours and textures. Don’t forget to blend the feminine with the masculine.


Gucci a/w 2015 showed this fabulously. The geeky glasses that somehow just still works.

GUCCI A/W 2015

So to finish things off.. here’s the Geeks ‘IT’ list to achieve great geeky looks.

Pussy bow blouse
Tailored suit


So.. will You be getting your Geeky on ?
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Stay tuned for Trend ‘H’ tomorrow.

A-Z A/W trends 2015 – Fur

Fur, Fur, Fur, Fur I can’t say it enough.
It’s huge this autumn/winter and it’s looking better than ever.

I love that you can wear fur in soo many different ways.
FAUX FUR STOLE totally looks amazing on the runway. I can see myself wearing this style as I parade MY runway(Oxford circus)


If you are like me and wondered how the fur would stay on the shoulder.Well….Note the belt around the waist used as both as an accessory and to hold the fur from falling off the shoulder.



I have even seen fur shoes. These quirky KG shoes are rather cute. Check out the heels too.


Will you be keeping warm in your fur?

Keep posted for Trend “G” tomorrow.
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A-Z A/W trends 2015- Elegance

So its time to pull out your pretty blouse and cashmere cardigans.
It can be difficult to maintain femininity in such a male dominated society. However, pencil shirts and leather glove are a good way to start.



My absolute favourite is this look from Peter Pilotto  The detail on that blouse is everything


I can’t help but notice that all these lovely blouses are worn with A-line skirts.


Stay tuned for trend ‘F’ tomorrow.

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Check on it – Winter Coat for the Tall

Hey Guys,

Although the October weather has been pretty mild here in the UK, I know that the blistering COLD is on its way.  I have taken it upon myself to start my winter Coat hunt now!

Ladies you know how difficult it is to find a good tall coat, one that is not sold out.  I did some of the leg work and will be sharing some of my fav finds here over the next few weeks.

I start with this Charcoal Plaid Boy Friend fit Coat from Dorothy Perkins.


I will be the first to say that this Coat does not look very appealing on the site. Unfortunately since we do not much choice but to shop online, I had to take a chance.  Ladies do not be afraid to take a chance!


This boyfriend fit coat is fierce.  Totally different to anything in my wardrobe.  A great variety if your looking for something to spice up your wardrobe.

I particularly love that I can turn up the sleeves and for the first time it is not because the sleeves are too short.





So there you have it.  What do you think of this Coat.  Would you wear it ?  Would you buy it ?

In case your wondering about the rest of my outfit.  Details below.

Charcoal check Coat- Dorothy Perkins (Tall)


Cami Top- Asos

Jeans- Topshop (Tall Joni Jeans)

Socks – New Look

Peep toe shoe boot- Next

Hand bag -River island

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