A-Z A/W trends 2015 -Heels

Today we are talking HEELS,
I don’t just mean any type of heel, but block , chunky heels.
I am so glad these are hot off the runway.

As a tall and plus size  woman I find that there is alot of strain on my knees and wearing heels can often make this worse.  I can’t bring myself to do away with my heels but whenever I can I prefer to opt for a chunky heel instead. 

Check out how these are worn in the a/w 2015 fashion show.


These boots from Lanvin were made for talking. You know they will be supper comfortable with those chunky heels.


I am also a huge fan these shoes from Anthony Vaccarello. Bling on shoes feature several times on the runway this season.


The barely off the ground sparkly shoes from Mui Mui are the business. I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy these but you see where am going with this trend.

Check out a few of my favourite heels that I have been able to showcase all thanks to Polyvore .


Who prefers to stay in the comfort zone even when wearing heels? 🙋🙋🙋🙋Meeeee!!!

Stay tuned for trend ‘I’ tomorrow.
In the mean time connect with me on instagram @ijaykheavens to see what I have been up to inbetwwen blogs.

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