A-Z A/W trends 2015 -Margot Tenenbaum

Hey Guys,

So we are half way through the A-Z A/W 2015 trends.  A huge thank you for all your support and time spent reading my posts thus far.

Ok, we are talking about the Margot Tenenbaum trend . This links in well with the “G” of geeky goes chic post . However Margot deserves her own blog post as her look inspired several designers such as Gucci and Lacoste this season.

Firstly you will need to get the hair cut right. Straight cut bob or lob with the trademark hair clips.


The long faux fur jacket.


The loafer shoes


The right clothing include tennis dresses , pleated midi skirts. You see were we are going.


Top hold tote bag


And you can’t forget the black eye pencil to complete the look.


There you have it. The very trending Margot Tenenbaum inspired look.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s  ‘N’  trend.

See you then.


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