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Travel diaries – Cargo shorts… are not dead.

I have started getting into shorts and decided to buy cargo shorts for my recent trip. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

They seemed fairly easy going and just want I needed for the hot climate. 

I didnt think these Cotton Cargo shorts looked so bad with high neck sleeveles’s shirt and my Sam Edelman Fringed Sandals.

High neck sleeveless shirt – New look 

Cotton Cargo shorts – Marks and Spencer 

Fringed Sandals – Sam Edalmam 

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Travel diaries-Do you have sweet blood? How to avoid mosquito bites

I am the worst person for mosquito bites.  These blood sucker just can’t  get enough of me.  Well…. on this occasion I had enough.

I have tried the various insect and mosquito repellants but I would always come back from my travels with a few bites.
Until I learnt about this product.
Can you believe I spent 2 weeks in Nigeria… in the raining season … in Lagos and I did not get a single mosquito bite.
I am so thrilled right now.  I emphasised raining season because mosquito’s love the damp conditions.

I could do a little praise dance right now.

No gimmicks this Avon skin so soft oil spray is the business. I applied this evenly day and night.  Depending on where in the world you are, you might need to apply it more often but IT WORKED.
Who would have thought it .
Don’t underestimate THE AVON.

To make things even better it smells pretty good too. 👌

I bought mine from Amazon but it can also be purchased from your local Avon representative.

Believe me … a mosquito free holiday makes for Happy holidaying.

See you on the next post.
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