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Perfect red lips

Red lips are a classic and you just can’t go wrong.

The only problem is that with so many different shades/brands and texture’s of red lipstick,  which do you go for.?


Deciding which brand to go will depend on your budget. Do you have the budget for designer lipsticks or drug store brand. 

You many also want to consider which brands are creulty free or vegan. Maybe considee which brands use only natural product’s if that’s your thing.

Once you have that decided on thr brands your prefer, you want to consider the texture or the finish. Are you into the matte look or maybe your more into a glossy finish girl.

M.A.C has about 8 different lipstick textures so fear not. You are bound to find something that suits you. 

Finally, with all the above decided , your ready to decide on which tone or shade of really you want. 

Believe it or not, ever red is not the same. Some red lipsticks have blue/ purple tones. For example the classic M.A.C Ruby Woo, or the Illamasque  Salacious.

You may prefer lipsticks with an orange undertone.  Such as the Illamasque Liable, or the MUA lipstick in shade 13.

Th last tone you might want to consider is pinky shades of red. These include the Illamasque Atomic or Impulse.  I also love the Maybelline Fatal Red.
You may find that some shades/tones of red lipstick will suit different skin complexions more. 

Enjoy your hunt for that perfect red lips-stick.
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