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Travel Diaries – Guide to packing a Travel Suitcase

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the new year than in a different environment.  A relaxing space to reflect on the days gone and pray about the days ahead.

My mission was to travel without checking in my whole life.
I followed the following steps to achieve this goal.

1- Research your travel destination. This instantly gives your packing purpose and you do not have to pack for different eventuality because you know what weather to expect at your chosen destination and what local vascinities to expect.

2- While packing, I found that having everything I wanted to take with me was really helpful. I was able to visually create outfits and consider which items would be most versatile so that I didn’t over pack.


3- I chose to pack several neutral items. You might wonder how I managed to pick all those items into my suitcase ? That takes me to point 4.

4- I learned that rolling your clothing items is the best way to pack and make the most of your luggage space. I did just that and strategically squeezed all the items I wanted to travel with into my luggage.




And there you have it!

5- Shoes were bagged and packed last because I didn’t want the heels to get damaged in transit. Do not forget to distribute the weight of the suitcase evenly.

I will keep you updated on my travels once I get to my destination.

See you soon.

See you soon.

A-Z A/W trends 2015 – Xtreme Shoulders

The single or off shoulder trend is another big one for this season.

Now you might be wondering how or why but a little shoulder sexynessssss is everything. I read somewhere that off shoulder is actually genius because it gives you the opportunity to show off a great bag (lol).
I could not agree more.  It is such a feature that you can show case fabulous bag or necklace with this trend.


This how I would style the off shoulder look.
Let me know if your feeling this trend


See you tomorrow 💋💋

Favourite Fall Flats

Hey Guys, I just wanted to share with you some of my Favourite Fab Fall Flats… yikes.. that’s such a tongue twister.  I would not say it in a hurry if I were you.

PSX_20151002_223757[1] PSX_20151002_224055[1]

I do love my flat days, especially for the times when practical and comfort are the rule of the day.

I fell in love with these nude patent pumps just because of the embellishment *coveringface* is that sad?? Yes I can be super girlie and I would say YES to some sparkles any day.

IMG_6771[1]So pretty!

Brogues have never been so trendy.  Topshop really pushed the boat out with this contrast toe cap, lace-up front and cut out style.


Hope you like my Fab Fall flats collection. Do let me know which trendy flats you have added to your shoe collection recently.

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Black Krave cut out Brogues- Topshop