Travel Diaries- Igbo traditional Weddings

So one of the main reasons why I made this trip was because my older sister was getting married. Having her traditional wedding to be exact.  I was so nervous for her because this was soo not her thing.

After much planning the day came, it went well and I am here to tell the story. 😄.

Can’t remember the last time I had someone doing my makeup but it felt so good.
To top things off I loved the end product.



The great things about Nigerian traditional weddings is that we have somethings called  ‘Aso ebi’. This was the perfect excuse to get a dress tailor made just for my 6ft tall self.  For a change a dress made perfectly just for me . I wanted this dress to be soooo shapely, it looked great and very flattering but I couldn’t sit down because it was so tight. 🙈🙈. That will teach me.!



Head scarf – Gele from Bimms in Lagos.
Dress – Tailor made just for me 😄
Necklace -Sheinside

Hope you like my dress. My tailor Joy did a fabulous job. She made this dress with just 3 yards of fabric.  Ok ….

See you on the next post.

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