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Lips… bittersweet

I work so hard for my ££ so I have to be doubly  sure before spending it.

This Bittersweet pro longwear lip pencil from M.A.C was a bittersweet purchase @ £15.00 but it is soooo worth it.


I used this lip pencil all over the lips to achieve this matte lip colour. I only learnt to do this recently ( thanks Saima for the head up😉) and it is fantastic. I love the standard matte lipsticks but I find they get very dryy and crackly.
Don’t you just love that rusty brown shade 💋

I have to give it to M.A.C this prolong lip pencil glide on so smoothly. It’s almost like a second skin. At time of writing this lips pencil has been on for 6 hrs.



A Tall and plus thumbs up from me.

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Fashion has no eyes

I recently changed my hair as you might have noticed from my pictures .

I have had a few compliments as to how fashionable a full fringe looks on me.  Fashionable is definitely good but this fringe is sooo long.. I can hardly see without tilting my head back.

They say the eyes are the windows to ones soul so I want to showcase mine.

I have been using the Benefit Eye Bright from Boots to give my eye a wider and brighter appearance.


This is so worth the £15.50


Take care not to over apply as it can look slightly odd if done over the top.