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A-Z A/W trends 2015 – Zealous Bold Colours

We are ending a high with zealous fun bold colours.  Winter does not have to be dark and dreary. Am not saying bold colours every day either but sometimes brighten your morning or another’s day.




Christian Dior ( top image ) took this trend to the max.   This is how I would style mine.


So this is it Guys. We have come to the end of the A-Z A/W 2015 trends. Hope you enjoyed the last 26 post. I still can not believe I have managed to post daily for the last 26 days 👍.

Which is your favorite or most wearable trend ?

See you soon.


Delight in White

Without a doubt you too have noticed the white wipe-out trend.  It’s all well and good if you are a size 8(hiss) but when we have heard “White makes you look bigger” for years, this is not a trend that many will feel confident enough to follow.

In all honestly, while some colours can be more flattering than others, nothing makes you slimmer than to be Confident. And that means wearing and experimenting with colours and trends in a way which makes you feel comfortable.  That’s exactly what I did by adding some neutral shades to the mix.  Do not worry, I will be braving the total White Wipe-out trend very very soon.  Until then, delight in some white ;-D


I find that adding different gradients of white helps to break up the look.!

Screenshot_2015-05-12-11-55-52-1[1]Screenshot_2015-05-12-13-05-41-1[1] So what are you waiting for .. Delight in a SOME white….. I DARE YOU!

Jacket from New look Tall

Blouse from Next

Jeans from Dorothy Perkins  Tall

Satchel bag from New Look

Sandals from Primark (secret finds)