Colour confidence

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rot with the summer we have had … or not had!!  This feeling can reflect in the sorts of clothing you wear…or even the colours you choose.  September kinda marks the beginning of the autumn season. So why not go out with a bang. I just had this urge to experiment with colours. Yes I had people craning their necks to look at me. I did wonder if I had taken it a bit too far until I realised it was stares of admiration…;);) well… so my friend told me.



Wow… this full maxi skirt is everything to me right now.  Made from light fabrics so it sways and moves with every step.


Sweat patches are the bane of my life!
One of the main reasons I shy away from coloured clothing. However, I recently discovered sweat pads (God bless the genius who came up with this) and currently use PURAX Pure Pads Antiperspirant . Super discreet and works wonders.





This post is perfectly timed with the London Notting Hill Carnival just days away.
All those bright colours .. shades of reds, yellows , orange…. ahhhh it’s like the peak of summer all over again, but all in one day.

Today’s colour confidence look was inspired by the very fashion forward Jelena  Karleusa.
Achieved at a fraction of the price with the blouse and maxi Skirt tailor made
-Caged Shoe from New look
-Clutch Bag from Zara
-Belt -Lanvin

4 thoughts on “Colour confidence”

  1. You look fantastic in this outfit and I have no doubt those were looks of admiration you were receiving from passers-by. The skirt and blouse are so pretty and fit perfectly. Were they custom-made for you?


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