Travel Diaries – Hard Rock Cafe -Lagos

So just the other evening I had the pleasure of experiencing the brand new Hard Rock Cafe in Lagos.
Omg! Can I just say the ambience was amazing. People milling around, friendly staff and music in the background.
I almost felt as if I had been transported out of Lagos to a different city. 

I liked the fact that there was a good mix of people at this location ( lots of Expatriates). It was full but not too busy, so great for meeting people and networking ( if people on Lagos stop being so stush).

We sat upstairs and had a great view of the stage and the downstairs area.
Plenty of staff and we were seated relatively quickly.


Unfortunately the service was a little slow but the cocktails made up for it. I ordered the electric blue and it was superb.
The pricing of then cocktails ranged from 2300 naira to 4500 naira. 
Personally, I thought it was a bit pricey for Nigeria but what do I know.😐

I ordered the prawn fajitas. It’s arrived late and the guacamole was off. 😳😳😳


We were captivated my the deserts as the staff served the neighbouring table so we ordered our bundle of calories.



This picture does not do this desert any justice. It was HUGE.
Perfect for sharing.

To finish things off we had some onstage entertainment.

Overall, a lovely evening. Lovely vibes, interesting catchups and great company.
Would I got again…. YES

See you soon.✌✌✌&❤❤❤

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